New York Jets NFL Draft Prospect: Raymond Graham

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December 1, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Pittsburgh Panthers running back Ray Graham (1) reacts after he scored a touchdown against the South Florida Bulls during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Pittsburgh Panthers defeated the South Florida Bulls 27-3. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all, and thanks for reading my first post on TheJetPress.  Although I’m new to this website, I have been blogging for several years.  I can probably name off the top of my head 90% of the Jets draft picks starting from Blair Thomas being taken 2nd out of Temple University.  I’ve seen a ton of horrible picks, and lot of good picks.  If you watched the draft when it was in MSG, in the early to mid 2000’s you can probably find me somewhere in the crowd.  With that being said, let’s talk about the 2013 draft.

My view this year, is that the Jets need to go the opposite way of what they have  done in the past half dozen drafts.  Past drafts have  been about “potential” and “trading up for quality”, over getting quantity and experience.  Sometimes it worked out, but most often it has not.  This year especially should be about the finished product players.  I’m going to focus on giving you a background on players that are ready to play a role right now.  Experience is better than potential in my mind.  I also think trading back is better than trading up.  For that reason I’m going to start with a series of late round guys. Some you’ve heard of, some you may not have.  These are all guys that I see making the Jets primarily as back-ups, and special teams, and also as potential starters, and late round steals.  Most importantly, all of them fill a need on this team.

First up is one of my favorite players out of Pittsburgh, RB Raymond Graham.  Ray Graham is the best running back that a lot of people never heard of.  Last year, a lot of people said trade for Trent Richardson, I said try to get Doug Martin from Boise State.  This year, a lot of people are saying Eddie Lacy!  I say forget the 1st or 2nd round Lacy.  I am putting my stake in the ground with Ray Graham.

Ray is a rated somewhere from late 4th to early 7th round right now, depending on which draft site you go to.  Since it’s early and combines and private workouts haven’t happened, he could move up or down a good bit.  What I can tell you is the Jets need to grab this guy.  Measurables-wise he’s 5’9 about 195.  He’ll probably run a low to mid 4.4 40 time.  But height, weight, and 40 don’t mean anything to me as much as what the player does on the field.  Now I’m gonna tell you why you need to pay attention to this guy.

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