Oct 21, 2012; Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (81) is tackled by New York Jets safety LaRon Landry (30) during the first overtime quarter at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 29-26. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

LaRon Landry Wanted More Tim Tebow from the New York Jets……So?

LaRon Landry was one of the biggest additions to the Jets in 2012. Literally, he changed the culture of the defense, especially across the middle of the football field. He’s an unrestricted free agent, and we have talked about the immense importance of being brought back by the Jets.

Wednesday, he spent time at ESPN, appearing on their various programs. He began the day appearing on the program “First Take”, where he told host Skip Bayless that he was expecting more from Tim Tebow.  Well, we all know this made all of the reporters crazy, so this story made the rounds through the mainstream media.  Each Jets reporter reported this in their own mainstream media kind of way, making a big deal out of this.

My question on it is this…..so what?

First of all, what station was LaRon on?  ESPN.  Let’s not forget the preseason, when the call letters could have been changed from “ESPN” to “TTBN (Tim Tebow Network)”.  Every member of their staff was, and probably still is, obsessed with Tim Tebow.  It would have been more news worthy had LaRon not been coaxed into speaking about Tebow.

That obsession is the greatest from Skip Bayless, co-host of the show “First Take”.  People have commented that they think Skip is related to Tebow, that’s how strongly he feels about him.  All season long, all he could do was talk about Tim Tebow, and how he would make the team better.  If anyone was going to take a discussion about the New York Jets, or a discussion with a New York Jets player, in the direction of a popular backup quarterback, it’s Skip Bayless.

The fact that LaRon Landry gave his opinion is not news.

We all know that the Jets are not shy about sharing their opinions when asked.  We also know that NO MATTER what was said, everyone would write a story about it.  I mean, what would the NFL news landscape be like if it didn’t report how many times a member of the Jets breathed, sneezed…etc?  Combine that with the fact that the discussion was about none other than Tim Tebow, and the headlines are EVERYWHERE!

In spite of this fact, LaRon Landry expecting more of Tim Tebow is not news.  It might have even been obvious.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.burns.9256 Scott Burns

    So basically you are giving us all your opinion on this? How is your opinion news?

    • TheJetPress

      Yes, it was an opinion piece. I never said it was news, it was my opinion of this news.

  • Adam

    Remember me??? Lol! THIS was a good article. I enjoyed it. You are dead on about bayless. Now HE is the one that truly lacks perspective! I think the benefit that tebow could’ve added was maybe a help to the locker room atmosphere…other than that, it was purely a media decision to sign him last year in my opinion. Maybe also to help jersey sales idk. But unless tebow is willing to switch to a tight end or fullback I don’t see how he would help the jets at all except to be a distraction to Sanchez mentally. He’s not a pro level QB. He’s a free agent now right? They should deal him.

    • TheJetPress

      Hey man…told you I’m not a total idiot LOL. I have said that for many months that bringing Tim here was a media decision, pure and simple. And Bayless is a moron, that’s about on the level of saying the sky is blue hahaha.

      As far as his status, he is not a free agent yet. Idzik is holding on, trying to make a deal, and they are saying he won’t be released before the new league year starts.

      • Adam

        That sucks man. I’m a charger fan and there was an article on bolt beat which I believe is the sister site of the jet press, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways it was an article about whether or not we should pursue tebow. LOL what a joke. Our QB is Phillip rivers for goodness sakes! The writer was against it as was I, but said because our new HC is mike McCoy, it’s a possibility. Again I think he would be great as a runner or tight end maybe but not a backup QB. Btw yes I can’t stand skip bayless I think the only reason he is still on tv isn’t because of his keen insights, but because he’s controversial and entertaining in the same way that a bad car wreck is entertaining. (A car wreck where no one is hurt) :)

        • TheJetPress

          Nope you are correct. Bolt Beat is the Charger site in our network. As far as whether your team should pursue Tebow, I don’t think so either, but people are gonna write about it because it gets people talking like yourself. If people are talking that means people are reading.

          I agree with you on Skip Bayless, almost like he is kept on TV to point and laugh at.

          • Adam

            Haha yes! That’s his sole purpose!