Inside the Jets vs. Bills Film Room: Defense

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This one stung.

Just when we thought the season couldn’t get any worse, we had to see our old pal Brad Smith take the wildcat snap in for a touchdown.

Even without Brad Smith, this was the type of rush the Jets loved to run with Shonn Greene… and had success running in Washington last year.

It’s simply a direct snap, and a dive up the middle.

The Bills executed this so well that Brad Smith had multiple lanes to pick from.

He could’ve went with the dive left, middle, right, or even the outside to the right.

He ends up going straight up the middle, with clean blocking ahead.

Again, this was painful to watch, but we all saw this coming. Mike Tannenbaum was foolish enough to let Brad walk, and this is something that comes with a bad decision like that. What goes around comes around, and in this case, Brad Smith was who came around.

Man, what a painful season.

I believe it was one of the Flight 5 guys who said it well…. “After watching the Jets for 20 years or so, this had to be the most disappointing season of them all.”

Rightfully so.

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