Quick ALL-22 Film Review - San Diego Chargers

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This week the Jets (6-8) welcome the Chargers (5-9) into Metlife as both teams  are playing for pride at this point.  Both teams have been eliminated from playoff contention, the Jets as recently as last Monday and both teams are still trying to give their fans something to root for.  Unfortunately for the Chargers its more of the same as Rivers has essentially played bad football this season for the most part considering he has been a turnover machine himself this season as much as Mark Sanchez….

Jets fans actually have somewhat of a legitimate reason to watch their team this week considering their playoff hopes were thrashed on National TV on MNF last week.  That reason is none other than “Greg McElroy”.  For the second time this season, Mark Sanchez will be benched for Greg McElroy thus forcing the McElroy era upon us for the 2nd time this season.  That alone should make for somewhat compelling drama as the Jets season winds down and a fan base desperately searches for any positive sign of life at the most important position of the team; the QB position……

This week with our All-22 Review, we’ll keep it short, simple, sweet but interesting as always.  We’ll revisit a drive from the Chargers from their previous game vs the Panthers to see what match-up problems they may present the Jets defense and will discuss what potential match-up problems their may present Greg McElroy and the Jets offense this week as well.


We start the film review in the 4th quarter considering the Chargers didn’t score until the 4th quarter and they didn’t give us much to work with this week with their lack luster performance vs the Panthers.


{After the Chargers recovered a fumble by the Panthers and after 3 plays by the Chargers totaling 8 yards}

~~~~~~~~~~>   ~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~>

2nd and 16 at Carolina 30 yard line….The Chargers come out in Shotgun formation with 4 WR set and a 1 RB set in the backfield with Rivers.  We highlighted Antonio Gates because quite frankly who else are we going to highlight?


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