Quick All-22 Film Review - Tennessee Titans

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{After a 10 yard holding penalty}

~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

1st and 20 at Colts 32 yard line

Titans come out in Shotgun formation in a  4 WR set with one lone RB in the backfield.  Locker has made some pretty accurate throws on this drive so his offensive coordinator is feeling the hot hand and wants to take advantage of the rhythm Locker is in right now so he places him in a likely passing situation to see if he can hit the open man.  Jets need to prepare themselves for Locker being unafraid of their defense and testing them. More specifically, testing the weakest link in Kyle Wilson who I believe will be matched up on Kendall Wright for the most part.



~~~~~~~>  ~~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~>

When Locker is in the pocket on this play, look at how comfortable he looks in this pocket.  I don’t care who you but if given this type of comfort in the pocket, any capable QB should be able to at least allow his WR time to potentially get open, which is what Locker did on this play as he allowed Kendall Wright to get open over the middle…….




~~~~~~~~~>     ~~~~~~~~~~~>    ~~~~~~~~~>

Locker gets more than enough time on this play and in this pocket to allow Kendall Wright, who is very fast, enough time to gain a bit of separation from his defender across the middle where Locker hits him in stride as you can see for the easy 8 yard pickup.  Jets CB Kyle Wilson struggles mightily with WRs that are speedy and if he’s defending Kendall Wright, then Wright will probably see plenty of targets.




{After a 6 yard screen from Chris Johnson}

3rd and 6 at Colts 18 yard line


~~~~~~~>       ~~~~~~~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~~~~~>

The Colts come out in the same formation they used just one play earlier.  Shotgun formation, 3 WR set and 1 lone RB in the back field.  If I had to guess, I would guess  a clear passing down considering how accurate Locker has been on this drive




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