Quick All-22 Film Review - Tennessee Titans

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Locker’s decision was to take advantage of his mobility, tuck and run while making a fool of the defender in the process.  This scramble resulted in a 32 yard gain. This is something Jets LBs will have to be cognizant of and considering the Jets LB are extremely slow, Locker may find himself with opportunities like this more often than not.




{After a 3 yard run by Chris Johnson}

2nd and 7 at Colts 32

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Titans come out in a 2 WR/3 RB formation.  This is a formation that the Titans tend to utilize a lot and it seems as if its something that Locker is probably most comfortable operating out of.  So far, every time Locker/Titans have operated out of this formation, its been for a rollout for a high % pass or to utilize his mobility to potentially pick up yards on the ground.






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Sure enough, Locker rolls out to his right……AGAIN and hits Britt……AGAIN…..who simply ran another 10 yard out route…..AGAIN. Locker once again hits him in stride accurately and places the pass the only place where Britt can make the catch.  The catch once again goes for 10 yards.  If I can recognize what the Titans will be doing out of this formation then so should the Jets be able to.

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