Inside the Jets vs. Cardinals Film Room: Offense

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Dec 2, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) rolls out of the pocket against the Arizona Cardinals during the game at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to back inside the film room, this morning with the Jets offense. As we do each week, we are going to take a look at what they did, and how they did it. But, we are going to do it a little bit differently this week. Instead of breaking down one or two plays, we are going to concentrate on the most popular Jets player of the moment. You may have heard of him, he got a lot of applause and attention on Sunday. His name is Greg McElroy. Let’s take a look at each of his drop-backs from his quarter and a half of play:


McElroy is under center, with Bilal Powell and Lex Hilliard straight back behind him. Jeff Cumberland comes in motion from left to right across the formation. Stephen Hill is wide to the left, set one on on with the cornerback, and is the primary receiver target. McElroy takes a straight five step drop, and is locked in on Hill all the way. Hill tries to run his man off with a fake to the inside and a hard stutter step, but the cornerback isn’t buying. Hill is well covered, but McElroy takes a shot throwing to Hill towards the endzone, and overthrows both him and the defender. A good idea to take a shot, but really had no chance of hitting Hill. Maybe some jitters on his first NFL pass?


The Jets have Greg McElroy in the shotgun, two receivers left, two receivers right, and one back (Kahlil Bell) next to Greg. Hill is wide to the left, and again is the primary target for McElroy. McElroy takes the step, drops back five short steps and delivers the football. Stephen Hill runs a simple out cut, and McElroy throws a solid pass, and Hill makes the catch for eight yards and a Jets…FIRST DOWN! I like Greg’s footwork, as they are very decisive. He steps up and makes a strong throw. But, yet again, he deadlocks onto his primary receiver the entire way, he never stops looking at Stephen Hill. The ball is also a bit high, but a good throw nonetheless.


The Jets are in a tight, run-like formation. McElroy is under center, with 2 backs behind him in an off-set I formation. One receiver is flanked wide to the left. McElroy takes the snap, executes a nice play-action fake to Bilal Powell, getting the defense to flow to his left. Greg takes the ball and runs a designed roll-out to the right. The problem is that the linebacker guarding Jeff Cumberland is not fooled, and sticks right with him, as does the linebacker guarding Konrad Reuland. Nobody is open so McElroy runs, taking a scramble for three yards. What I love is that he didn’t try to force it, instead taking the yardage that was given. He then, instead of sliding, lowers his shoulder for the out of bounds contact, drawing the personal foul, putting the Jets in great position:

Good job by McElroy not forcing the issue, taking the scramble that was given, and drawing the penalty.

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