Inside the Jets vs. Patriots Film Room: Offense

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We move ahead to the third quarter. The game is pretty much out of reach at 35-3, but the Jets still do mount a drive that takes them down to the Patriots’ one yard line, for a fourth and goal from the one. If the Jets score here, no, it probably doesn’t change the result, but you never know. Stranger things have happened. Let’s take a look.

The Jets are set up in their jumbo package, with Jason Smith in the game as a tackle eligible. Hilliard and Greene are set up behind Mark Sanchez in an off-set I formation. Dustin Keller is going to come in motion from left to right. What do the Jets call? For some reason, a run up the middle, right into Vince Wilfork country. Wilfork is going to come between the guard and tackle, following his red line, and Brandon Spikes is going to come up the middle, Spikes and Wilfork both in red circles. Let’s move forward.

The left circle is our friend, Vince Wilfork. Again, he has blown up the play. See how he has totally beaten Brandon Moore off the ball? Brandon Moore is on the ground. In the circle is Jason Smith, who has pulled from his tackle eligible position to make a block. He has to chip on Wilfork, which barely has any effect, and that leaves the center of the line completely open for Brandon Spikes, in the right circle, to roam. Greene takes the handoff, sees that he can’t cut right, as Wilfork has beaten two guys to close that hole. Therefore, he has to cut back left, right into the waiting arms of Brandon Spikes. The result?

Greene is stuffed, and the Jets turn the ball over on downs.

Wilfork was clearly on his game that fateful night. He was moving quickly, and blowing guys off the football regularly. Yet, Tony Sparano kept calling plays to go in his direction.

And that is why Tony Sparano leaves a lot to be desired when calling plays. Thank you for reading “The Ballad of Tony and Vince”. Stay tuned this afternoon for JETSerious and his defensive film breakdown.

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