Inside the Jets vs. Patriots Film Room: Defense

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This next play is a total breakdown in coverage. LaRon Landry has played well for the Jets this season… and the key word is PLAYED because he’s “injury prone”. I actually think he was the best of the Jets off-season acquisitions this off-season… but I suppose that isn’t saying much, is it?

Nevertheless, on this play Landry slipped up.

It costed the Jets six.


 The two receivers to the top are going to run toward the middle of the field. By drawing the defense to the middle, Tom Brady is able to counter it, and throw it over the top.

Yeah, Tom Brady throws a perfect pass.

You just can’t allow him to roam the pocket with no pass-rush. It’s an easy win for him, and another painful loss for us.

We almost got to Edelman, but you can see that he clearly gets the ball over the goal-line.

Unfortunately, this play put the Patriots over the top.


I wish we had better plays to break down, but it is what it is. The Jets didn’t play well.

Whether it’s on Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan, or the players… that’s debatable.

The fact of the matter is, the Jets are 4-7. It’s hard to focus on the playoff’s, when you’re thinking about the 2013 draft pick.

All I know is… we have to stick by our team.

If you’re not going to, then get out.


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