Should The Jets Fire Rex Ryan? Both Sides of The Debate

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–  The Jets consistently fail their “biggest tests” every season under Rex and does so in undramatic fashion.  Not only do the Jets not seem to show up consistently for their biggest games/tests of the seasons more times than not but the way they lose these games in embarrassing fashions speaks volumes.  The Jets latest “biggest test” embarrassment was the Thanksgiving Night Massacre by way of the New England Patriots.  A game that saw the Jets lose in comedic fashion and that’s putting it nicely to be honest.  This is about execution of course but make no mistakes about it, this is coaching as well.  It goes back to the 2009 in watching the Jets consistently FAIL marquee match-ups as the Jets haven’t beaten a viable opponent since the Steelers in regular season 2010.  Not having your guys ready to play in the biggest test of their season every season is a COACHING FAIL.  PERIOD!


– As much as some want to 100% blame Mike Tannenbaum for personnel FAILS, this also falls on the shoulders of the head coach.  Lets not act like we don’t remember Tanny admitting that Rex came to him and told him “get me that kid” re Mark Sanchez.  Or when Rex is watching game film on a linebacker in college (ironic since the LB corp on the Jets could probably use that guy Rex was scouting) and he gets SO enamored with a FULL BACK, John Conner, a player THAT IS NO LONGER ON THE ROSTER AT THIS TIME.  People love saying that Head Coaches don’t make personnel decisions but if you are a coach that has gone to back to back AFC Championship games, you have earned the right to shop for some of the groceries and anyone saying anything to the contrary isn’t being honest with THEMSELVES.

As a head coach you are OBLIGATED to force your GM to bring a veteran WR so Sanchez doesn’t have to rely on a rookie WR that had minimal production in college.  You are obligated to force your GM to bring in a viable Right Tackle before the season starts considering everyone with eyes saw that the status-quo was not only FAILING but would eventually get Sanchez KILLED.  You are obligated to force your GM to bring in a veteran RB to pair with a RB in Shonn Greene to replace the production that the Jets lost when they lost LT.  You are obligated to get your GM to understand that Mark Sanchez needed a VIABLE backup and NOT a gimmick player in Tebow before trading for him.  As a head coach, you should realize that your team is 8 mil UNDER the cap so there’s nothing wrong with putting pressure on your GM to GET these important pieces.  Now if it is later revealed that Rex did this then that’s a different story but every indication and every pre-season press conference showed that Rex was happy or content with the Roster being the way it was and that’s a problem to say the least.

Tim Tebow was brought in to back up Mark Sanchez but its obvious the coaching staff doesnt trust him to do that.



-The reluctance to bench struggling players shows stubborness on Rex’s part and is part of his FAILING as a head coach.  No matter WHAT you think you have or don’t have in Tim Tebow, the time for a change at QB has come and gone and Rex missed that opportunity to at least TRY to give his team a spark and or show them that complacency would not be tolerated.  Instead, the only thing we get from Rex is  the “Mark Sanchez gives us the best chance to win”  and “Mark made some good throws” rhetoric on a weekly basis and that sends a bad message to the team.  It also sends a bad message to the other QBs on the roster in Tebow and McElroy.  Other players such as Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Kyle Wilson and Shonn Greene have seemingly played their way onto the bench but have yet to see said bench.


–  The fact that Rex has NO legitimate answers for simple questions surrounding this team, shows that he is probably getting burned out and that’s never a good sign from a struggling coach.  Every week, Rex is providing the same responses to crucial and valid questions that are being asked.  If this is an indication that he doesn’t know how to fix what is wrong with the Jets then there needs to be a change ASAP.


What it essentially looks like at this point is that Rex’s CONS are starting to outweigh his PROS almost by a TON.  Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that head coaches DONT get a bad rap at times and they are sometimes unfairly blamed and criticized for things beyond their control but we shouldn’t ignore when they DO give us legit reasoning to question their philosophy and decision making.  Rex has a sizeable body of work that can actually be evaluated at this point and his evaluation doesn’t look so good.  I believed Rex was the right guy for the job when he was brought in and was happy with the hire but I’ve seen enough at this point to know that a change not only at the GM position is warranted but a change at the head coach position is as well.  There are 2 sides to this debate but the Rex Ryan proponents are starting to run out of ammo and the debate is beginning to become one sided.  JetNation, like me, is hoping that Rex Ryan shows something, anything these last few games of the season that jusitifes him being retained but I’m certain we’ve seen Rex’s ceiling as a head coach and to expect anything else is asking for a miracle at this point.


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