Should The Jets Fire Rex Ryan? Both Sides of The Debate

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Why Rex deserves to be fired:

2009: 9-7 record.  Defeated the Bengals and Chargers in the postseason but lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship

2010: 11-5 record.  Defeated the Colts and Patriots in the postseason but lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game.

2011: 8-8 record. No playoffs

2012: 4-7 record thus far and no light at the end of the tunnel.

Simply put; the Jets are moving in the wrong direction LITERALLY.  There’s no way anyone can make a legitimate argument that they have seen valid consistent improvement from this Jets team in 3 ½ seasons under Ryan.


– Rex’s philosophy has FAILED.  Rex came onto the job boasting about how he would implement the Ground and Pound philosophy, how the Jets would “pound” their opponent and play great defense.  Needless to say; this philosophy has been anything BUT successful and that’s putting it mildly to be honest.   Rex’s outdated offensive philosophy has not only been a failure but it’s partly responsible for the inadequate development Mark Sanchez has received since being drafted by the Jets in 2009.


–  Jets defense has ranked no lower than 6th overall since becoming the head coach but does it even feel like it?  Rex Ryan was hired on the notion that he was a “defensive genius” and he DOES deserve credit for turning the Jets defense around in one season.  As I stated before, the defensive turnaround from 2008 to 2009 is to be commended but the defense since that time has not made the necessary strides that were expected and in fact the defense has actually regressed.  Rex inability to find a pass rusher has been the biggest knock on him thus far and has hurt this Jets defense tremendously considering they play in the same division as the best QB in the NFL.  Simply put; in a league in which passing the football effectively and rushing the passer consistently is key, the Jets have FAILED in BOTH of those areas consistently under Rex.

Mark Sanchez FAILED development IS Rex Ryan’s fault….NO ONE ELSES.


–  Mark Sanchez’s development falls directly on the shoulders of Rex Ryan and anyone believing anything to the contrary isn’t being honest with themselves.  Say what you want about Mark Sanchez at this point as he’s warrants the criticism he receives but I don’t think its even debatable at this point that Mark Sanchez has received inadequate and counterproductive development since being drafted by the Jets.  From day one Rex put the handcuffs on Mark Sanchez and tried to coach this “Ground and Pound” philosophy into Mark Sanchez and when Sanchez’s rookie mistakes started showing up, Rex went from handcuffs to total LOCKDOWN on Sanchez, implementing Operation Color Coded Wrist Band, a colorful piece of “weaponry” that is only to be used when engaging in the “Play NOT to Lose/Don’t Make Mistakes” warfare.  That type of counterproductive development falls squarely on the shoulders of the head coach, NO ONE ELSE.   Rex should’ve seen what we ALL saw in that the offensive coaching around Sanchez just wasn’t cutting it and there needed to be a change but instead of doing so, Rex allowed Brian Schottenheimer to take the fall and he was done with it.  Rex should’ve fired Matt Cavanaugh and hired a QB coach to come to fix Sanchez’s problems as it was painfully obvious that Cavanaugh+Schotty = FAILURE.

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