Thursday Night's Game Should be a Wakeup Call for Jets' Brass

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Nov. 22, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets owner Woody Johnson before the game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

That was a failure of epic proportions on Thursday night. Not only did the Jets lose to the Patriots, they didn’t even show up. Has anyone ever seen a team score 21 points in :52 seconds? That had to be the most bizarre sequence I have ever seen in football. The score was 49-19, and the game was scoreless after one quarter! Think about that. All of the points that New England scored, were scored in three quarters. The offense had no life, and the Patriots scored essentially whenever they wanted to. But, if one thing should come out of this game, and smack owner Woody Johnson in the face, it’s this.

His team just isn’t that good.

I have made my feelings about Woody Johnson perfectly clear all year long. My opinion, ever since the Tim Tebow trade, has been that Woody is more interested in headlines and fame than winning football games. The trade, the comments he has made, have contributed to that opinion. Some agree, some vehemently do not. But is neither here nor there at this point. The point is, this game is something that should wake Woody up, and do it fast. He needs to realize right now, that his football team really doesn’t have that much talent on it. If he wants to deliver Jets fans a Super Bowl as much as he has said in the past, he needs to pay attention. He needs to do something. Change needs to come for this football team.

The Jets had a chance to really make a statement Thursday night, on national TV. Woody Johnson, apparently, WANTED the Jets to play on Thanksgiving. That part, is understandable, he wants his product to be seen on the national stage. But, if he really cares about winning, is THAT the product he wants to see on that stage? A product that can give up 3 touchdowns in less than a minute? An offense that has no life? I sure hope not.

Talk about injuries all you like, this football team has no depth. I don’t think we have to review the names, but look at that game from Thursday night. Do our weapons compete, even a little, with the weapons of the New England Patriots? You could fit probably three Clyde Gates’s and a Chaz Schilens in Wes Welker. You guys and girls all know by now that I am a Mark Sanchez fan, but on his best day, you could put five of him together and you MIGHT have Tom Brady. Even with Santonio Holmes, the Jets weapons on the outside aren’t that scary, take out Santonio Holmes, and the Jets group might not even make a lot of teams. And this, my friends, is the group that Mike Tannenbaum has said is “good enough”.

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