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Next, we’ll take a look at “Smitty’s” interception. He made an excellent jump on the ball.

He showed great quickness, now that he’s healthy, and also great awareness/strength to hold onto the ball.

It was a huge error for Bradford, as you’ll see him make an ill-advised pass. Not to mention, Stephen Jackson had David Harris beat. Just look at the next picture… Jackson even held his hands up!

This was a missed opportunity for St. Louis.

Fortunately for us, we got another turnover… courtesy of our 2nd year man on the rise, Muhammad Wilkerson. He’ll be circled in yellow.

Now that you see where Wilkerson is lined up, check out his quickness off the snap…

He beats the Rams offensive lineman to the edge.

Wilkerson also uses his long wingspan to knock the ball out from Sam Bradford. Muhammad is starting to look like an excellent 1st round pick for us. As he continues to emerge, we’ll witness him become one of the top defensive ends in the NFL. The future is bright for Wilkerson and fellow 1st rounder, Quinton Coples.

Tool to Victory @ St. Louis


These next two photos will demonstrate the physicality the Jets tend to play with, during their 4 wins thus far.

Shonn Greene beastin’ it.

Antonio Cromartie lays down the law on “Al-CRO-Traz”.

Three Keys to Victory vs. New England

1)    Keep Brady on the sidelines.

  • The Jets need to control the clock. Running the ball and moving the sticks will take care of that. However, the play-calling will play a huge factor. If Sparano continues his lack of creative when using Tim Tebow, he’ll end up on the hot seat.
  • Note to Sparano: If you’re not running a creative play with Tebow in the game, then don’t put him in! It’s that simple. So, how about a flea-flicker using Mark AND Tim? You can have Tebow throw a screen pass wide to Make (behind the line of scrimmage) and Mark can throw it deep. Now that’s being creative.

2)    Stop the Patriots on 3rd down.

  • The Patriots live off of keeping drives alive. They’ll often run a WR screen on 3rd & long, and even convert it from time to time.
  • Note to Rex: Stop the Patriots smaller receivers by preventing the yards after catch!

3)    Special teams play needs to be crisp.

  • Mike Westhoff has had a terrible year so far. This is fairly unusual for a Westhoff coached special teams, but something needs to get fixed. Whether it’s attention to detail (muffed punts/blocked kicks), Westhoff is ultimately responsible. He’s an excellent coach having an off year… but we still have six games left. There’s still time to get this thing fixed.
  • Note to Westhoff: You focus on one unit, and one unit only—special teams. Get these guys prepared. Discipline on special teams is a must this week if the Jets are going to get a win. We know Bellichick will have his guys ready… will you?

That’s going to be all for this Turkey-Film-Giving special at The Jet Press.

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check back next week, where we’ll analyze the tape from the Jets vs. Patriots game.


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