Inside the Jets vs. Seahawks Film Room: Offense

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It has been a negative enough week following the game, so I went desperately looking as I watched the tape to find something positive, and then something Rex said triggered it. He said that in this game, the offensive line played more physically than they had all year, so I watched them. You know what, he was right? I may have been a little off base with my criticism of Dave DeGuglielmo yesterday, because the offensive line has some great moments, especially in the run game. They blew Seattle off the ball at times. Let me show you an example.

This is an early game run to Shonn Greene. The Jets are lined up trips left, with one receiver to the outside. The Jets are going to run a draw to Shonn Greene, in the green circle, and Greene is going to take the ball to the interior of the line. I have made note of the line of scrimmage because I want you to see the work of this offensive line. Moving ahead:

I have indicated the line of scrimmage again, to show you what I mean. Take a look at the point of attack, circled in green. The interior linemen of the Jets have blown the defenders two and almost three yards off the line! Talk about playing physically! Greene can’t help but run it up in there for positive yardage. Unfortunately, Greene doesn’t have the field vision to make it a bigger gain. Take a look at the hole:

The line has done such a good job, Shonn Greene has his choice of two huge holes, as indicated by the green lines. They have the line of scrimmage so dominated Greene can run wherever he likes. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the good field vision to make the sharp cut, but instead runs on the back of his own guy:

So, instead of a big gainer, Shonn picks up five yards. But, the offensive line did such a good job he had no choice but to gain 4-5 yards on the play. So, Greene still stinks, but at least the offensive line is coming around a bit.

Not much else positive to grasp onto in this one. Hope that next week is better.

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