Inside the Jets vs Seahawks Film Room: Defense

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This next play is responsible for the only points the Jets recorded on Sunday.
The Jets are lined up with 4 down linemen and the Seahawks are in a shotgun formation.
The Jets are going to run a DL stunt, with Calvin Pace exploding off the right edge.
As the play progresses, Pace gets to the outside. This forces Wilson to step up in the pocket (blue arrow below).
But once Wilson realizes that Wilkerson (top red arrow in picture below) is trying to close in, he reverses his footing. This should be an easy sack for Calvin Pace. But he chokes.
Fortunately, Mike DeVito is able to clean up what Pace couldn’t. He hits Russell and gets the strip sack.
I love what I’m seeing from Wilkerson, which is a relentless attack on his part. He’s able to find the ball and time the bounce to make a recovery.
Wilkerson executes the “scoop and score” brilliantly. He even shows off his athleticism when he dunked the ball over the goal post.
All joking aside, JETSeriously, this is a great play by Wilkerson. He had the opportunity to score and he didn’t let the opportunity pass him by.  The Jets are going to need more of these kind of turnovers, because the offense looks despicable.
The good news, though, is that the Jets are without Darrelle Revis.
The fact that the defense can still score is definitely an encouraging sign for the future of this defense.

That’s going to be all for this week’s defensive film session.

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