Quick All-22 Film Review - Seattle Seahawks

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–   2nd and 14 at Vikings 45 – The Seahawks come out in I formation again, Wilson under center and Lynch and Robinson the 2 backs in the back field.  3 WR set (Baldwin, Tate and Rice).

~Wilson scrambles to the right side for a gain of 13 yards to the Vikings 32 yard line.  The play appeared to be a passing play but the Vikings CBs covered Wilson’s targets pretty effectively down field forcing him to tuck and run, which he did rather effectively.


–   3rd and 1 at Vikings 32 – Seahawks come on standard I formation with Wilson under center with 2 WR set (Rice and Baldwin.  Lynch is the lone RB in the backfield.

~Wilson tries to run to the left in a clear QB run call that was stopped for no gain. The Vikings D-line did an excellent job at reading the play and getting penetration.


–   4th and 1 at Vikings 32 –  Seahawks come out in a bunch formation with 3 WRs (Tate, Rice and Bladwin) with Lynch in the backfield.

~Wilson once again gets the QB run call, this time to the right.  He gains 1 yard behind the right guard.  This was just a high % play that the Vikings were unlikely to defend effectively.


–   1st and 10 at Vikings 31 – Seahawks once again in I formation with 3 WR spread (Tate, Bladwin and Rice)  Lynch and Robinson are the 2 RBs in the backfield.

~ Lynch gets the carry and goes behind the Left tackle for a gain of 4 yards.  Nothing fancy about the run, Lynch simply follows behind the lineman for a great pickup on 1st down.


–  2nd and 6 at Vikings 27 – Seahawks come out in a Pro-set formation with 2 WRs (Tate and Rice) on opposite sides of Wilson and 2 backs (Lynch and Robinson) in the backfield.

~ Lynch gets the carry behind the left tackle for a 6 yard gain.  Lynch gets the first down here due to the great blocking up from by his O-line but 3 of the yards is all Lynch.  He makes D-lineman miss in order to gain additional yards.


–  1st and 10 at Vikings 21 – Seahawks once again in the I Formation with 2 WRs (Baldwin and Rice) and Lynch and Robinson in the backfield.

~Lynch gets the carry and goes to the right for no gain…. Vikings simply are playing the run now and are stacking the box.  Nowhere for Lynch to run on this play


–  2nd and 10 on Vikings 21 – Seahawks come out in the Pro-set formation with 2 WRs (Baldwin and Rice) with Lynch and Robinson once again in the backfield.

~ Lynch runs to the left for 2 yard gain and runs out of bounds (stops the clock)


–   3rd and 8 on Vikings 19 – Seahawks come out in the I Formation again with 3 WRs (Tate, Baldwin and Rice) with Lynch and Robinson in the backfield again.

~Lynch gets the carry and runs to the right for 4 yards….The Vikings D-line at this point is winded and gassed and the Seahawks O-line is opening up holes just big enough for Lynch to get through for solid gains.


–  4th and 4 on Vikings 15 – Seahawks staying with the I formation ( I mean WHY NOT) again with 3 WRs (Rice, Baldwin and Tate) and 2 RBs (Lynch and Robinson).

~ FB Robinson manages to escape the backfield and Wilson takes advantage of play action and is able to hit Robinson for 6 yards.



 The Seahawks need only to take a knee at this point as they have just completed an almost 5 minute drive on the Vikings defense.  They did it with simple smash mouth football.  They pretty much showed the Vikings that they were going to run (with the use of the I formation) and dared the Vikings to stop them and the Vikings couldn’t.  The reason why this Seahawk drive was so impressive is because they were able to control the clock and do what they want which was run the clock out and leave with a win.  There’s a reason why their offense is efficient and that is because their 7th ranked running game makes it easier on Wilson and the passing attack more times than not.

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