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Tannenbaum's Conundrum Is Of His Own Doing - But I'll Help

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I can go on and on with examples in which Jetnation has proven to know more than the management of this team but I’m certain you get my overall point and I brought those points up to lead into another important one.  We are once again at a pivotal point in which certain decisions need to be made in order to ensure that the Jets not only get back to being competitive and a potential contender but at this point, making decisions that will keep the Jets from just flat-out embarrassing themselves something they have been doing more times than not so far this season.  Simply put; the Jets back to back trips to the AFC Title games seemed to have hurt the progress of this organization more than helping it as Tanny has been convinced that the way he has operated in the past is in fact THE way to adequately build a winning franchise and that my friends is flat out FALSE.  The BEST way to adequately BUILD a winning franchise is through the draft, making WISE/DIFFICULT personnel decisions and making sure you are fielding the BEST team as possible, three things Jets management can NOT honestly say they have done.

So here’s what I’ll do for Tanny (although I would actually love to have Tanny replaced by one Bill Polian but since Woody Johnson is so committed to him, I’ll assume Tanny won’t be going anywhere and I don’t mind helping him since I’m such an awesome guy) since I’m sure he always reads what I write; I’m going to tell him how to bolster the QB position virtually OVERNIGHT….Although there are other areas on the team that Tanny OBVIOUSLY needs help with managing effectively but as I stated before, this is a QB driven league and Tanny and Rex apparently hasn’t gotten that memo.

Here’s what it boils down to;

-The Jets need to fire Matt Cavanaugh and bring in a viable QB coach that can actually develop young QBs and I personally would love to see a Vinny Testerverde or maybe a Rich Gannon brought in and given the job, a pipe dream on my end probably but just my preference.

- Mark Sanchez isn’t going anywhere but that doesn’t mean he has to be the Jets starting QB.  I couldn’t care less about his contract at this point.  Vick and Cassell are 2 other high dollar QBs that are struggling and are on the verge of being benched or already have been benched.  Sanchez certainly hasn’t done enough to be treated any differently than those 2 at this point.

-The Jets ALSO NEED to have 2 NEW QBs on the roster BY the summer to compete with Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy as they need to trade Tim Tebow for whatever they can get.

-Unless Mark Sanchez turns into Tom Brady the 2nd half of this season, the Jets need to OFFICIALLY open up the QB competition this offseason letting all QBs on the roster know that THEY have a shot.

-They need to sign either Jason Campbell or Matt Moore this offseason and they need to spend a 3rd or 4th rounder on a QB this April, the QBs I would be targeting for mid-round considerations are; Mike Glennon from N.C. State, Landry Jones from Oklahoma and Tyler Bray from Tennessee, though they all haven’t exactly SHINED so far this season, they are all great prospects with NFL caliber attributes.

The Jets 4 QBs going into camp needs to be Sanchez, McElroy, Campbell/Moore and Bray, Jones, Glennon, or another viable rookie QB.  This will ensure that the Jets will have the best options at the QB position and real competition for Mark Sanchez.

The Jets can and should remain competitive even with Mark Sanchez and his contract still on the roster.  His contract should have no bearing on what the best thing is for the QB position and this team in general.  The Jets need to immediately start making wise and competent decisions at the QB position in order to make up for the BONEHEADED/COSTLY ones that have been made the past year and in order to keep this Jets team within the realm of competitiveness.  Believe me, It is NOT something that is “easier said than done.”  It is something that is easier DONE than said and something that any fan base should EXPECT and TRUST their management to adequately handle but again, at this point, does anyone trust Mike Tannenbaum to do ANYTHING outside of everything that is the wrong thing to do?















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