Tannenbaum's Conundrum Is Of His Own Doing - But I'll Help

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For example; whenever you sit back and want to blame Stephen Hill for dropping crucial pass after crucial pass, you start off by asking yourself “WHY isnt Stephen Hill catching these CRUCIAL passes??” but then you contemplate some more and you somehow manage to end up at the feet of Mike Tannenbaum and wondering just how he thought forcing Sanchez to depend on a rookie that didn’t have much production in college and was part of a spread option offense would be a wise thing to do?  I for one knew that depending on a rookie WR in a big way would certainly not be the smart thing to do and most of Jetnation realized this as well but it always seem like Jetnation figures things out much faster than Mike Tannenbaum doesn’t it? And it never fails.  Much like last season when the Jets dumped Aaron Maybin when he was the only LB in the pre-season that was getting anywhere NEAR the QB, the Jetnation went bananas and rightfully so.  Tanny, late as usual and after RISKING Maybin on the OPEN market, came to his senses and decided to bring him back and Maybin ultimately ended up leading the team in sacks.

But wait, there’s more;

Mark Sanchez hasn’t had a viable backup behind him since arriving in 2009. That needs to change next season for the betterment of the team.

The end of last season everyone in Jetnation knew that Wayne Hunter was playing as bad as any RT in the league and knew for a FACT that the Jets would aggressively look to replace him but instead of doing that, Tanny and Rex gave us this spill about Hunter being the starter and that “he would get better”. No one in Jetnation was buying it as they had already seen enough of Hunter to know that he was awful but Tanny, late as usual didn’t see this UNTIL after the season started and after Hunter proved to him everyone with EYES that it was a colossal mistake to not adequately replace him early on in the offseason and Tanny eventually traded him to the Rams FINALLY admitting to himself and to us that Hunter was a failure something Jetnation knew apparently before Tanny did. Inexcusable!

To elaborate on Stephen Hill a bit more, Mike Tannenbaum refused to bring in a veteran WR in camp although Jetnation was begging for it because we didn’t want Mark Sanchez having to depend on Stephen Hill just yet, and honestly, the rookie would be best suited to be the #3 WR so he wouldn’t have to garner the opposing defense’s toughest CB assignments just yet. Of course Tanny didn’t see it this way, he drafted Hill and Hill was immediately named a starter and now 8 games in it looks like a huge mistake.  Hill is undoubtedly talented and will most likely be a great WR for the Jets down the line but, the dropped passes in crucial situations; inability to separate from press coverage, and the overall inconsistent route running is proving to be a detriment to the passing attack.  The Jets needed a veteran WR opposite of Holmes that could’ve come in and help tutor Hill, take the pressure off of him so that he can get better at a smoother and unrushed pace, help Sanchez and the passing offense on key downs among COUNTLESS other LOGICAL reasons to bring in a vet WR.  What is currently happening with Hill is something that Jetnation saw happening, or at least I did prior to the season starting and this is something that I wanted to prevent but this was also something that GM Mike Tannenbaum apparently didn’t think about and it is something that once again is costing this team big time a repeated and consistent FAIL on part of Tannenbaum that is becoming all to familiar.  Something tells me that Tannenbaum already realizes the FAIL re forcing Sanchez to rely heavily on Hill but unlike the other moves, there’s seemingly NO viable and feasible way to FIX THIS FAIL at this point.

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