Tannenbaum's Conundrum Is Of His Own Doing - But I'll Help

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Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has no one to blame but himself for the Jets current mess but all is NOT lost.

At 3-5 the Jets are dying a slow and painful metaphorical death that has been brought on by LITERAL  incompetent decision making and unfortunately, the fans are the ones that are suffering from it the MOST.  Whenever you sit back and contemplate on the Jets season and realize just how easy it is to blame one Mark Sanchez for the Jets issues this season, it seems if you contemplate long enough you always managed to come full circle and find a way to put it all at the feet of Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s Sanchez out there throwing those passes, that’s Sanchez out there missing WRs and giving Jetnation no reason to believe when watching his press conferences after the games. There’s no mistaking that but if you think long and hard enough, its almost essentially impossible NOT to shake your head at the questionable job Mike Tannenbaum has or hasn’t done (depending on how you look at it), in preparing this team for something EVERYONE outside of his office knew that was not only possible but almost probable with the way the season ended last year in Sanchez struggling.  This is a QB driven league and it there’s one position a GM can’t afford to make inept and immensely head scratching/questionable decisions at is certainly the QB position and COMPLETELY undermining a QB in Sanchez that once shown tons of promise is part of the severely incompetent handling of the QB position and that my friends, is exactly what Tannenbaum has done here with the Jets.

Tannenbaum extended Sanchez’s contract at a time when not only was the contract or extension NOT warranted or even EARNED by Sanchez but the Jets LITERALLY didn’t have to do it and it made LITERALLY NOT an OUNCE of FINANCIAL sense to do it from ANY LOGICAL standpoint you can possibly consider but it was done to the chagrin of Jets fans and anyone else with common sense that actually cares about this team. Now on the outside and at first glance it would appear to be a major problem for this Jets team and appears to hinder any hope at being competitive in the near future and its certainly understandable why some would feel this way but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

At this point, finding anyone in Jetnation that actually trusts the Jets management to make competent and logical decisions is the real challenge and it’s something that they brought upon themselves.  Just 2 seasons ago, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that didn’t believe that Mike Tannenbaum shouldn’t be considered for GM of the year considering the moves he made to make this team competitive virtually overnight. It was an argument that had some legitimacy to it but whatever IT was that Tanny had that weighted said argument with legitimacy, he lost it practically in one offseason, an offseason highlighted with the boneheaded trade for Tim Tebow wrapped around countless other inept decisions and questionable inactions including  the total lack of urgency and attention at the right tackle position and WR positions just to name a few.  It is because of the incompetence of the Jets front office that the Jets are going through what they are going through right now, no matter how much we want to place the blame at the feet of Mark Sanchez.  When you sit back and think about how inconsistent Mark Sanchez has been this season, you end up asking yourself just why the Jets don’t have a viable backup QB that can actually step in and lead this team to some wins?  A backup QB that DOESN’T require a drastic change in offensive philosophy and scheme.  Some say that the Jets had that in Drew Stanton but that the powers to be were so enamored with the thought of Tim Tebow on the roster that the competent thought producing side of their cerebellum shut completely down and their common sense circuits were temporarily TEBOWED and they found themselves stuck idiotically chasing Tebow around like a cat chasing a flash light on the wall.

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