Inside the Jets vs. Patriots Film Room: Offense

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It’s Wednesday morning Jets fans, and it’s time to look at the tape. This morning we will go over the offensive video, and this afternoon, as always, JETSerious will look at the defensive tape. We will break down some tape, and talk about what went well, and what might not have gone so well.

This week’s game was diverse, with a lot to talk about, so we will try and get to a lot. Let’s get right to it.


Welcome back to the team, Dustin Keller. He was active in the game against the Colts, but he looked like his old self against the Patriots on Sunday. He was finding the holes, making excellent cuts, and showing himself as the security blanket that Mark Sanchez has missed, recording 7 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD. He made catches in traffic, in soft spots in the defense, and took over in the middle of the field at times for the Jets. There was one particular catch he made in the second quarter where he made the catch over the middle, and makes a spin move that leaves the defender lying on the ground.  Nice to have him back.


Jeremy Kerley and Mark Sanchez are starting to put something good together. Mark is bringing out the talent and turing Kerley into a number 2, borderline number 1 wide receiver. All game long, they worked the post corner route to perfection, Jeremy breaking free, and Mark laying it in there beautifully every time. Here’s a look at one:

Kerley is lined up in the slot (circled), and is going to run a post/corner route, as indicated by the arrow. In layman’s terms, his initial move is going to be towards the goal post, and then he is going to break it to the outside. He will run to the corner. Let’s move forward.

Kerley has gone into his post pattern, indicated again by the circle. But look at the line in black. Instead of continuing to the post, Kerley makes it a double move, breaking the pattern to the corner. Then comes a great throw by Mark, outlined by the red line. As Jeremy makes his break, Sanchez unloads the ball to a spot. The spot is the corner, by the 20 yard line. The timing is perfect, as Kerley gets to the 20 at the same time as the ball. The result?

26 yards later, a beautiful pitch and catch, and that’s another Jets, FIRST DOWN!

Mark and Jeremy hooked up on several plays like this one throughout the ball game. They are getting seriously good chemistry going on between them, and as long as they stay healthy it will only get better.

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