Quick All-22 Film Review - The New England Patriots

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Seattle’s game winning drive was a very creative drive by the Seahawks offensive coordinator but the Patriots secondary looked abysmal and simply out of place.

Pats are up 23-17 with 2:00 to go in the game.

-1st & 10 on Seattle 43 yard line, Seahawks in a shotgun formation, 3 WR set, Lynch in the backfield.  Wilson with a fake handoff to Lynch with the line trapping to the left and Wilson keeps it and runs to the right for 9 yards as it appeared to be a designed run.

-2nd & 1 at the NE 48 yard line, Seahawks in an I formation, 3 WR set, 1 RB set (Lynch, ) TE Zach Miller comes in motion, bootleg rollout Wilson pass to Sidney Rice is incomplete.  Rice was open, Wilson just rushes the pass and over throws Rice who also SLIPS on the play.  The pass could’ve been picked off if the Patriots CBs weren’t the Patriots CBs.


-3rd and 1 at the NE 48 yard line, Shotgun formation, 3 WR set, 1 lone RB, Zach Miller goes in motion again, Wilson with a draw handoff to Lynch for 1 yard.

-1st and 10 on the NE 46 yard line, Seahawks in the I formation, 2 back set, 2 WR set, 1 on both sides of Wilson, Zach Miller in motion gets set and planted on the right side. Wilson with the play action, rolls out to his right and launches it to Sidney Rice who completely burns safety Tavon Wilson for the TD go ahead TD.

Sidney Rice simply runs a fly pattern with a simple head move on the defenders and by the time Wilson had rolled out, Rice had already gain a step on Pats safety Tavon Wilson.  It was a great throw by Russell Wilson and a clutch catch by Sidney Rice.

The Patriots played a lot of Cover 2 and zone and it was simply exploited by the Seahawks passing attack.

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