Quick All-22 Film Review - The New England Patriots

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– 1st and 10 on the Seahawks 26 yard line.  Pats are in an I formation with 3 WRs.   Bolden once again the lone RB in the backfield and Brady under center, Brady hands off to Bolden who runs to the right behind Mankins for a 3 yard gain.

2nd and 7 – Incomplete pass

-3rd and 7 at the Seahawks 22 yard line.  Pats in the shotgun formation utilizing a 3 WR set with Bolden in the backfield.  Brady hits a streaking Welker who runs an in cut across the middle for 8 yards.

At this point the Seattle defensive backfield is gassed and just trying to stay alive against this up tempo Patriots offense that is going in and out of the no-huddle very effectively.  Brady is reading the Seahawks defense very quickly and making decisions at lightning speed.  This is why he’s the best in the league….defenses throw their best at him and unless your defense comes with a pass rush that can GET to Brady, it won’t make much of a difference.

– 1st and 10 on the Seahawks 14 yard line. Shotgun formation with a 5 WR set, Brady hits Branch on an out route for 5 yards.

Pats TE Rob Gronkowski and the Pats offense put together a beautiful TD drive to start the 2nd Quarter last Sunday against the Seahawks.

-2nd & 5 on the Seahawk 9 yard line.  Shotgun formation, one lone RB,  4 WR set with 3 WRs to the right of Brady and 1 to the left (Gronk).  Brady hits Gronk who runs a quick up route and stops, Brady completes to Gronk for 4 yards.

-3rd and 1 on Seattle 5 yard line.  Pats in I formation, 1 RB and 2 WRs set to the right of Brady.  Brady hands off to Bolden on a dive for 2 yards.

-1st and goal on Seahawks 8 yard line.  Pats in shotgun formation, 3 WR set with 2 to the right of Brady and 1 to the left, one lone RB, Brady quickly hands off to Bolden for 5 yards.

-2nd & goal at the Seattle 3 yard line.  Patriots back in the hurry up offense, Brady under center, 3 WR set, Bolden is the single RB in the backfield again, Brady off to Bolden for 2 yards.

-3rd and Goal, Goaline bunch formation with Connelly and Bolden in the backfield.  Hernandez is set on the line but goes in motion to the right, bringing the Seattle’s CB Jerod Johnson with him, Brady hits Hernandez with a fade on Jerod Johnson and Hernandez has it all the way.  Johnson doesn’t even turn his head to make a play on the ball and made it too easy for Brady and Hernandez.

What you just witnessed was the Patriots at their best.  A 15 play, 80 yard drive that ate up over 6 minutes of clock.  The Patriots are the epitome of a “balanced” team.  They can and WILL run it on you very effectively and will use a RB by committee approach to do so.  It seems as if Bolden and Ridley share DRIVES, not plays.  It seems as if McDaniels/Belichick are trying to find out which RB gives them the best chance and in doing so they are giving each RB a series to show what they have.  Tom Brady completed passes to 5 different targets on this drive, a drive that started on the Patriots own 20 yard line.  The Patriots utilize the no-huddle offense very effectively and do so consistently to keep opposing defenses on their toes.  They managed to do just that to the Seahawks defense on this drive as Seattle didn’t have an answer for the Patriots offense as they watch the Pats move the ball down the field pretty much effortlessly.

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