Inside the Jets vs. Colts Film Room: Defense

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JETSerious will bring you inside the defensive film room and dissect plays from the beginning to end…. each and every week.  We’ll look at what the Jets defense did right and wrong for each play.

The Jets faced the Colts on Sunday at Metlife Stadium, and had a very good defensive outing. What made the defense look so dominant? JETSerious will analyze the tape, and show you what’s good!


First, we’re going to look at the early interception made by Antonio Cromartie. Did someone/something cause the interception? Did Cromartie just make a great play? Let’s dive in and find out…

As Colts WR Reggie Wayne runs in motion, it’s quite clear that he is man coverage with Antonio Cromartie. Andrew Luck is going to try and find Wayne on an “in” route. The Jets are lined up with three down linemen, one being Aaron Maybin (red arrow left). Maybin is going to run a stunt inside, which will eventually force Andrew Luck to roll to his left.

The angle that Maybin takes is a good one. It puts pressure on Luck, forcing him to throw it to Wayne as he rolls to his left. Keep in mind that he is a right-handed QB. That makes it more difficult to throw on the run, as opposed to rolling out to his right.

Reggie Wayne has inside position on Cromartie, and kudos to him for running a solid route. But look at Andrew Luck, and the direction his hips/feet are facing. Underlined in blue, you can see that his waist is facing the sidelines, as he throws across his body. Unless he makes a perfect throw, this is considered to be poor mechanics for an NFL QB.

Reggie Wayne almost makes a one-handed grab, which would’ve been very impressive. But the fact that Luck released the ball at a poor angle, Cromartie then has a chance to make a play on the tipped pass.

Cromartie allows inside position to Reggie Wayne. Although he’s somewhat out of position, he uses great eye-hand coordination to make up for it. It allows him to make a great play on the ball.

Let’s be honest, when Cromartie gets the ball in his hands… look out! He can take it to the house on any given touch. If it weren’t for a personal foul on Aaron Maybin (B.S.), it would’ve been a pick six.

Overall, this play was all about Andrew Luck and his off-target pass. But let’s not forget what we just saw… Antonio Cromatie at his best.


Please turn the page and join us as we break down the second interception of this past Sunday’s matchup…


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