Jets TakeOff! Week 6 Preview: New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts

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Oct. 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets running back Shonn Greene (23) carries the ball against the Houston Texans during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Texans won 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE


We all have seen how disgusting the running game has been so far in 2012. Well, if ever the Jets were going to get it going, this would be just the week to do it. Despite their 2-2 record, the Colts run defense has not been much better than that of the Jets, ranked only 26th in the league. The Colts are giving 4.7 yards per carry on the ground, a number that is just right for the taking.

Rex Ryan has made it known that Shonn Greene is still the starting running back, although they will continue to have a rotation at the position. Can Shonn Greene be the guy to finally get the running game going? Now, that is a subject that everyone feels strongly about isn’t it? Despite all of that, Shonn Greene and company will have the opportunity to prove their worth on Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully they will do so.


Another one that is pretty obvious, and another intense topic amongst the inhabitants of Jets Nation.

The critics have been out in full force, wanting to know when, not if, Mark Sanchez’s career in a Jets uniform is going to end. He has not played well, ranked at the bottom of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks. Injuries, the offensive line, and the lack of weapons around him have not helped. That being the case, Mark has continued to be horrifically inconsistent, that makes everyone wonder if he can get the job done. As we talked about earlier in the week, for every great throw Mark Sanchez makes, he makes one that makes you wonder what he is thinking about.

The Colts have allowed opposing quarterbacks an over 100 rating. Mark will have every chance to play well on Sunday. It could very well be the last chance he gets if he doesn’t play well.

There is your week 6 preview. Thanks for reading.

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