Know Thy Enemy: Week 6-Jets vs. Colts

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TJP:What matchups do you see and advantage in, and what matchups do you see giving the Colts trouble, on either side of the ball?

NF:The Colts offensive line has been a chop-shop all year. Andrew Luck has been on the run often, and has taken his fair share of shots. I think Rex Ryan is going to bring the heat, to keep Luck and Reggie Wayne from lighting up the scoreboard. The Indianapolis secondy is suspect and injured, as well. But, I don’t really see any wide receivers from the Jets that are worth worrying about. Antonio Cromartie may very well be the best receiver on the Jets roster right now.

TJP:How about a prediction?

NF:After watching the Jets last Monday night, I got the feeling that the home crowd is waiting for a reason to blow up on this team. I personally think that Tebow should start the game. Win or lose, that would calm the fans down for at least a few weeks. The Colts haven’t had a road game since they lost in Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears in week one, so Andrew Luck and company will be traveling into unfamiliar territory. I just think if the Jets don’t step up early, that they might get stepped on. I would not be surprised to see Tebow take over as quarterback before the game is over. If he does, he might pull out a wild win. If not, I see the Colts winning a tight 19-13 game. If Tebow takes over, I could see the Jets winning 20-19.

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