Inside the Jets vs. Texans Film Room: Offense

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Let’s set the scene. Mark is under center with two backs behind him. Antonio Cromartie is lined up one on one at the bottome of the screen (Cromartie circled in green, defender in red). Let’s watch as the play begins to unfold because Antonio Cromartie puts a great move on the cornerback, and sets the stage for Sanchez’s opportunity for a momentum shifting throw.

Here is the pivotal part of the route when Cromartie is able to break wide open. Mark Sanchez is looking downfield for Cromartie. Cromartie, circled in green, he has slowed down just a bit, to set up the cornerback, circled in red. Notice that he has his back to the sideline, facing the inside of the field. Here is where Antonio Cromartie makes his great move, showing the skills he does have as a wide receiver. Right here, as indicated, he takes one step to the inside with his left foot, and then just bursts to the outside and up the sidelines. Take a look at the next shot and see how wide open this makes Antonio.

Antonio turns on his brilliant speed, as you can see from the picture. He has opened up a good 2 yard gap between him and the cornerback. If Mark can put the ball down the field, over the top for Cromartie, and give him the opportunity to continue with his brilliant speed, he makes the catch and walks into the endzone. If Mark puts it to far to the outside, as indicated by the red line, Cromartie will have a very small window to make a play. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Here comes where Mark Sanchez drives everyone crazy, as he makes the throw exactly where we don’t want him to make it. Notice Antonio Cromartie’s feet, circled in black. They are indicating what we saw in the game, the fact that Mark didn’t lead Antonio with the throw. Instead, he underthrew it, and put it way too close to the sidelines. You can tell by his feet that Antonio has already stopped, waiting for the ball to come down. The ball is circled in red, and the flight is indicated in red as well, making it’s way to the worst spot in this situation, Cromartie’s outside shoulder.

Antonio Cromartie comes down with the football, but because the ball was so short, the defender is right on him. Thus, he has no room to get his feet down, so instead of an easy touchdown that changes the game, it’s just a long incomplete pass. And the only reason for it is a horrible throw by Mark Sanchez.

This is why Mark drives everybody nuts. Inside the numbers, he is throwing it with the best of them, but outside the numbers he tends to make throws like that. He showed it on Monday night, that he is just inconsisent, and this needs to get better for him to keep this job long term.

Stay tuned this afternoon for JETSerious and his defensive film review.

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