Quick All-22 Film Review - The Houston Texans

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This week the crashing Jets (2-2) welcome the undefeated Texans (4-0) to MetLife stadium the scene of last week’s crime in which the 49ers reportedly stole what confidence and pride the Jets had left.  The Texans aren’t a fluke, they are the real deal.  I reviewed the All-22 film from the Texans last game vs the Tennessee Titans just to give Jets fans a more in-depth look at who the Jets are facing on Sunday with some general observations.


The Jets face their 2nd task in as many weeks when they welcome the 4-0 Houston Texans to MetLife Stadium.

– Andre Johnson is not only an incredible physical talent, but he is also a tremendous route runner. He is open almost every single play vs the Titans, Texans QB Matt Schaub could literally throw to only him the entire game if he wanted. He defeats press coverage easily, he runs all the routes, has incredible speed in and out of his breaks, and doesn’t drop the ball. He is truly a special player but certainly isnt the Texans only weapon.


– The Texans front 7 is not as good as the 49ers, but they are very, very athletic and physical. They blitz just enough to keep the offense off balance, but they usually only bring an extra guy or maybe two at the most (so usually 5 or 6 man blitzes) and they always have a safety deep just in case. They seem to just want to create one-on-one matchups for Watt and Reed, who are both good at getting after the QB. They are not especially complex blitzes, but they do like bringing pressure off the edge as a trail blitz, usually from a CB, while they run an end-tackle stunt in front of the blitz. They don’t blitz up the middle much, if at all, but that’s because they don’t need to. Their front 4 can collapse the pocket by itself.

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