5 Quick Hits: Jets Vs. 49ers

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Stantonio Holmes appears to be seriously injured. On the first play of the fourth quarter Holmes made a 4 yard catch, falling to the turf untouched and throwing the ball away as he fell in serious pain. The injury looked quite serious as Santonio laid on the turf, eventually being carried off and carted into the locker room. No more information has been available except that it was a knee injured and Holmes would not return. Losing Holmes for a significant amount of time could spell doom for the struggling Jets offense. As the leading receiver Holmes has caught 16 balls for 243 yards in just under 4 full games. The lack of talent behind Holmes is what is really frightening NY fans, as an already injured Stephan Hill would headline a corps of receivers featuring Chad Schilens and Patrick Turner. We can only hope that the injury to Holmes isn’t serious, but only time will tell how this injury will affect the New York Jets moving forward.










Tim Tebow was once again a non factor in today’s game. While Rex Ryan singaled that Tebow would be more featured in the pregame interview, that game plane failed to surface this afternoon. Tebow attempted and completed his first pass a Jet, the nine yard catch was subsequently fumbled and resulted in a turnover to the 49er defense. These nine yards would be all the Tebow accounted for, as he attempted no further passes and compiled zero yards in two carriers out of the backfield. It is puzzling that late in the game with the result decided Rex Ryan choose to keep Sanchez in the game, instead of giving Tebow the opportunity to do what he is known for, putting up points  in the fourth quarter. After today’s performance by starter Mark Sanchez the coaching staff may soon be backed into a corner with no proper excuse not to start the waiting Tim Tebow. Stayed tuned to see how the Jets coaching staff reacts to today’s loss.


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