Know Thy Enemy: Week 4-Jets vs. 49ers

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Sept 23, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) before a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

TJP:What are the 49ers expecting to see out of Tim Tebow and the Wildcat this Sunday?

NN:The 49ers are certainly planning for Tim Tebow because the defense does not want to be caught off guard during the game if he comes on the field with the Wildcat offense. From what I have seen it does not look as if the Jets has used Tebow much on offense, but knowing Rex Ryan he is probably waiting for the right time to unleash him on offense. That could come Sunday and the 49ers defense will be prepared.

TJP:Our two teams are built similarly, on a running attack and good defense. Are there any matchups, on either side of the ball, that concern you from a 49ers perspective?

NN:The biggest concern for the 49ers is the matchup between nose tackle Ricky Jean Francois and center Nick Mangold. Usually, Isaac Sopoaga holds down the center of the line of scrimmage clogging up running lanes and gobbling up offensive line men allowing the outside pass rush to get to the QB. The concern with Jean Francois is he is making only this third career start against Mangold who is one of the best centers in the NFL. Jean Francois plays the nose tackle position well, but he does not have the abilities nor does he draw the same attention from the offensive line as Sopoaga.

TJP:How about a prediction for Sunday?

NN:49ers 24 Jets 18

With the 49ers coming off a loss against the Vikings that brought the team back down to Earth, they know if they don’t bring it for all four quarters against the Jets, they will lose the game. The 49ers don’t want to have a two game losing streak with a loss against the Jets after starting the season 2-0. Turnovers will be key for the 49ers defense and they will force Mark Sanchez to throw the football while also stopping the Jets running game. If the 49ers are able to establish their running game early against the Jets 28th ranked rush defense, this will set up the passing game later in the game which will lead a 49ers victory. The 49ers will run-first, but they know they can exploit the secondary with Darrelle Revis out for the season.

Thanks to Eric Melendez for his time. Check out his site,, they do an excellent job covering the San Francisco 49ers.

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