Jets TakeOff! Week 4 Preview: San Francisco 49ers vs New York Jets

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Sept 23, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets running back Bilal Powell (29) and wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (11) celebrate the Jets 23-20 overtime win over the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE


Any readers know that I am as a big a fan of Shonn Greene as anybody. I have always had faith that, given the carries, Shonn would get the job done. He has done all he can to prove me wrong so far in 2012. For the season, averaging under 3 yards per carry is just terrible. Greene looks slow, and is not hitting the hole with any gusto. Despite my feelings, a change needs to be made.

Bilal Powell ran with a bit more giddyup last week, averaging 4.5 yards per carry. He is hitting the hole with speed, unlike Greene. He needs to have carries early in the game. Shonn fairs better late in the game, when the defense has already worn down. Work Bilal in early, and that will help soften up the run defense.


Amongst starting quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez has the lowest completion percentage, barely over 50%. That will not win very many games, nor will it keep the “Tebow” chants from echoing through the walls of MetLife Stadium. Mark Sanchez must be efficient in order for for the Jets to win.

The 49ers are tough against the run, but have been a bit forgiving against the pass, ranked only 20th against the pass. This is definitely the type of week that the Jets will need the pass to open up the running lanes. Although it looks like Stephen Hill won’t play, it looks more and more like Dustin Keller will, which will be a big help to Mark Sanchez and his confidence. Having his security blanket out there for the first time in a couple of weeks should make Mark more confident. He needs to be, and the Jets need to throw the ball efficiently in order for the Jets to be able to run it. The Jets need to be able to do both well to win.

Enjoy the game tomorrow, Jets fans.

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