All-22 Review: Vernon Davis

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Here is another interesting example, from deep in Vikings’ territory. Vernon Davis is again in the black box. He is not lined up as a receiver this time, he is in a three point stance. Is he going to block? Is he going to run a pass pattern? Lined up in this type of set up, it would seem like you could get a shot on Davis if he comes off the line of scrimmage. The defender, as Vernon gets out of his stance to go into his pattern, can see him making a move and take his shot. Within five yards, it’s perfectly legal. Davis is going to run a pattern towards the front corner of the endzone. Let’s see if the defender takes a shot.

No real bump is given to Davis, surprisingly. The defender puts a token arm on Davis, as he makes his move to the outside. Does it really affect the route?

Clearly, this token attempt at a bump does nothing to alter Vernon Davis’ route here. He goes right around the hand check of the defender as he makes his move to the outside. The result?

The result is a 20 yard pickup down to the one yard line. First and goal for the 49ers, and one play later, it’s a touchdown for the 49ers.

The moral of this story? TE’s like Vernon Davis like to run right up the field without interference. They are big targets, and they have great hands. If they are allowed room to roam, they will kill a defense.

So what is the solution? LaRon Landry, get ready, that’s the solution. We need him, Yeremiah Bell, and whomever else gets lined up against Davis on Sunday to bump him a lot within the first five yards. They have to get him off of his game, and the way to do that is knock him off his routes. If he can’t run right to the soft spot in the defense, he won’t be able to do his damage. He will think twice before coming over the middle against the Jets.

This is what the Jets need to do to be successful against Vernon Davis on Sunday. It could be a long day, and a great one for Davis, if they don’t.

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