JETSerious' Star Spotlight Jets @ Dolphins: Reggie Bush

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Standing at 6ft. 203 lbs., Reggie Bush is as versatile as it gets. He has the ability to make defenders look absolutely foolish. See for yourself. Here’s a highlight reel of Reggie Bush’s greatest moves.

As you can see, it is really important to set the edge with Bush. If you leave any type of cutback lane for Reggie, he’ll take it. He has great vision. Once he see’s the cutback lane, and you’re not in position to set the edge, you can forget about it… he’s gone.

Reggie has improved each year and is only getting better. It’s easy to think that his production will only increase, as he gets the bulk of the carries for Miami. The days of calling Reggie a “complementary back” are over. He’s the Dolphins featured RB.

Now, how do we game-plan for such an explosive runner? It’s easier said than done, but it’s all about setting the edge.

By that, I mean that the defense needs to stay true to their lanes and let Bush come to them. We can count on Reggie eyeing the big play, so to chase him around like we’re playing tag would be idiotic. It’s important for the outside defender, whether that’s Calvin Pace or Garret McIntyre, to force Bush back inside. That way the big fellas can do the rest. It’s overlooked just how important setting the edge is, when defending an explosive RB like Bush. Just think back to week 3 of the 2011 Season, in which the Jets gave up a whopping 171 yards on the ground to the Raiders’ Darren McFadden.

Like I said, the Jets defense needs to stay true to their lanes. If it’s not executed as planned, Bush could go off for another 172 yards and 2 touchdowns like he did last week vs. Oakland. But if they can stop Bush from getting into the open field, it’ll make stopping him a lot easier.

It’s almost a positive that Bush did so well vs. Oakland, because the Jets now have plenty of film on the plays that worked… as opposed to week 1 where he did not do so well. It can help the Jets prevent dominating performance from reoccurring. It’s possible that Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine will use the Oakland film so say what NOT to do. That’s in addition to setting the edge and staying within your gap.

The Jets certainly have the defense to prevent Bush from going off. They’ll also have a great plan in place to do just that. But the question is… will they execute that plan?

We’ll have to wait and see, because it’s a tall task. However, with Brandon Marshall out of the picture, the Jets can now focus primarily on stopping Reggie Bush. Besides, who else should they focus on?



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