Bart Scott Needs to Tackle Better Now

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This time the Bills are again lined up in the gun, but Spiller is lined up behind his quarterback. Bart is again on the left side of the defense.

This time, Spiller tries the left side of the line, with again some success. He gets through the initial surge without much contact, and just like that he is at the second level, and in the open field. Bart has a long way to come to get involved in this play.

Coming in from the left side of the screen is the Madbacker himself, Bart Scott. Along with LaRon Landry on the right side, they are closing in on Spiller. Can these guys keep it to just a long gain?

They are closing in. Can Bart make the stop? Will “Dirty Thirty” be able to put another lick on someone?

Nope, not this time either. Bart misses, and runs into the Dirty Thirty himself, and the result is a 56 yard touchdown.

This is what head coach Rex Ryan was talking about when he said the Jets need to tackle better. If the Jets are going to be elite, these types of mistakes must be eliminated from their vocabulary. Good tackling, and consistent tackling can make the difference between a good defense, and an elite defense.

The Jets can be elite on defense. If these mistakes stop. Better to eliminate them now than later.

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