Is LeGarrette Blount a Possibility for the New York Jets?

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Blount did not want to be a backup, and was vocal about it. When the Bucs were considering drafting Trent Richardson, he was very public about the fact that he would not have been thrilled with the choice. He also is reportedly disappointed that he was beaten out by Doug Martin this preseason, which as a competitor, he should be. So you might wonder if he would be willing to come into that type of role with the Jets.

I submit that he would be, because it would be a different type of backup role with the Jets.

The Jets running attack has been at its best during the Rex Ryan era when they have had two viable backs at any time. In 2009, it was Thomas Jones, and in 2010, it was LaDainian Tomlinson. Especially in 2010, it was less of a starter/backup role, and it was more of a 1A/1B type of thing. It kept both guys fresh. You could convince Blount that his playing time would still be significant enough to make it worthwhile.

If LeGarrette Blount is truly on the trading block, it would be a good idea for Mike Tannenbaum to give Tampa Bay a call. If the guy is healthy, he would be a very valuable addition to the Jets.

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