Why Greg Camarillo is a Good Fit for the New York Jets

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Finally, his average per catch, to me is a factor. Camarillo has not had a huge average per catch for his career, 11.9 yards. You might wonder why that is important, since the Jets need weapons to stretch the field. Here’s why.

Greg Camarillo is a valuable weapon as a possession receiver, especially in Tony Sparano’s system, evidenced by the stats in the previous page. If Camarillo is in the fold, he can be a guy in the possession game, which would free Santonio Holmes up to be more of a threat down the field. So he influences the downfield passing game by freeing up others to be part of that threat.

You don’t always need the best players, you need the right ones. You need guys that fit your system. Greg Camarillo is that guy. Your move Tannenbaum.

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