The Jets Should Still Talk to Tim Hightower

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He also, I believe, can take the load if Shonn Greene is not running well. In his two full years as a starting running back for the Arizona Cardinals, Hightower averaged 4.5 yards per carry, compared to Shonn’s 4.2 yard average as a starter.

Before falling to his ACL injury, Tim Hightower played in 5 games in the first seven, rushing for 321 yards. Shonn Greene played in all seven games, only rushing for 105 more yards than Hightower(426). In each of their full years as a starter, Hightower in 2010, and Shonn Greene in 2011, they recorded an equal number of 100 yard performances (2).

Take a look at this guy when he was healthy:

He is coming off a major injury, no doubt about it. He would have to have complete medical clearance from the team in order to even consider this. But, I say, he is explosive, if healthy, and can make catches out of the backfield. I wouldn’t give him big money, but if they can give him a small base, with incentives and a signing bonus, I say it’s a good choice.

Cheap, and could pay dividends. Go for it and give it a shot.

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