Tony Sparano Being Oddly Secretive About the Wildcat

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I saw three things happen in that game when I watch it. I see him come off read-one to two to three and throw the ball to (Joseph) Collins on the sideline out there on a rope. I see him throw the ball up and down in the middle of the field to Dedrick Epps on a throw that I’m sure a lot of people didn’t think Tim can make. There it was again, up and down in the middle of the field. Then I see him in a hard play-action in a pro-style offense, sink the ball into the running back’s stomach, come off and throw a 15-yard hook to Jordan White. There are three throws there, of his four completions, when I watch the film, I see something a little different than I think maybe most people (who) watch it see. The ball came off in really good rhythm, so that’s progress to me. Those are the things that we need to be working on. That’s where we are right now.

Not that it is a problem to hear what Sparano thought about Tebow’s performance during the game, but that answer was in context of a question regarding the Wildcat. It just seems like there is a big cloak of secrecy, even in discussing the Tebow package, that just isn’t necessary.

It almost draws additional attention to it by the secrecy. Just weird, at least in this guy’s opinion.

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