Should the Jets Look Into Chris Cooley?

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Secondly, Cooley’s health must be in order. He had arthroscopic knee surgery following the 2010 season, and only was active for 5 games in 2011, before he was put on IR because his knee had not fully healed. He has lost weight and appeared healthy again at Redskins camp, but the Jets will have to make sure. The Jets must put him through whatever tests are necessary to confirm Cooley’s health, or a contract offer must be out of the question.

If all of these factors check out, this guy is worth a look. He has been a quality, reliable target for quite some time. Despite the fact that he won’t be much help in the Ground and Pound, the Jets need weapons. There is a hole that Josh Baker’s injury has left open. A healthy and willing Chris Cooley would do an excellent job filling it.

Mike Tannenbaum should definitely give a look.

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