Jets Nation: Come Together For Our Quarterbacks

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If you watch the Twitter timeline of any hardcore Jets fan, you see the debate raging on back and forth. You have the Tebow fans talking about how is spirit is great, and no matter how things have gone, he is the guy to lead this team. He is the better leader, and should be the guy, they say. They tell the Sanchez fans that they only make excuses for Sanchez’s bad plays, and take Tebow to task for his problems.

Then you have the Sanchez team, who feels that Tebow shouldn’t be on the team. You all know how I feel, so I am not only passing blame, I am taking it. The Sanchez supporters feel that Tebow is not a legitimate NFL QB, and has no business on this roster.

Whether we like it or not, ladies and gentlemen, they are both on the team. Mark Sanchez is the starting QB, and Tim Tebow is the backup/wildcat QB. The season is less than two weeks away. Neither of these two guys are leaving the roster.

It’s time for us to come together and support both of these guys. It’s the only way for us to handle it. We have seen what a fractured locker room can do to the team, do we need a fractured fanbase as well? Absolutely not.

So I call upon all of us, to support both of these guys. @JETSerious started a hashtag on Twitter, #team615, to symbolize both guys. Great idea. Sanchez team, we need to support Tim when he comes in the game. Let’s do our best to focus on what he brings to the table instead of his shortcomings. Tim Tebow fans, we know you love your guy. But you need to understand that this team has two quarterbacks, and Tim is not the starter. Don’t go overboard either with your guy, saying he should be the starter.

Fact is, Sanchez is the starter, and Tebow is the backup/wildcat. It’s time for us as a fanbase to support them both.

#Team615 all the way. Let’s go Jets

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