Jets Nation: Come Together For Our Quarterbacks

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Ever since the arrival of Tim Tebow, there has been a whole lot of discussion about him and Mark Sanchez. We all, I think, wondered what the Jets were thinking bringing this guy in. OK, some of us more than others, myself included, wondered aloud that very thought. Why bring in a guy like Tebow, that is going to have such a huge fan base, and put too much pressure on Mark Sanchez? You are going to have fans that want Tebow in the game, no matter what it takes to get him there.

The debate raged on through the analysts and pundits. Is the “fix” already in, and is Tebow going to be the starter? Do the Jets want him to eventually succeed Mark Sanchez? Will Mark Sanchez hold onto this job?

And there have been the supporters of Mark as well. Those in his camp have talked about how he has assumed a much stronger leadership role with this team. He has worked out during the offseason much more than in the past, and it has shown. His passes have had a bit more mustard on them, and the stats show greater efficiency as well. He will keep a firm hold on the job, the Sanchez experts say.

But now, it has spilled over to the fans, and that is what needs to stop. Turn the page for more.

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