High Draft Picks and the Perception of Mark Sanchez

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1990-Jeff George
1993-Drew Bledsoe, Rick Mirer
1994-Heath Shuler
1995-Steve McNair, Kerry Collins
1998-Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf
1999-Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith
2001-Michael Vick
2002-David Carr, Joey Harrington
2003-Carson Palmer
2004-Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers
2005-Alex Smith
2006-Vince Young
2007-Jamarcus Russell
2008-Matt Ryan
2009-Matthew Stafford
2010-Sam Bradford
2011-Cam Newton

Now obviously, I am not saying that Mark Sanchez is the best player on this list. Far from it, with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning on the list, although at the same points in their career Mark Sanchez has better stats than Eli did. However, there are a whole bunch of names on this list, that have not even been close to as good as Mark Sanchez. Right off the bat, I would take Mark over David Carr, Joey Harrington, Vince Young, Heath Shuler, and Rick Mirer. That doesn’t even cover the whole list.

And remember, nobody on this list has had the road playoff success that Mark Sanchez had in his first two years.

More on the perception of Mark Sanchez on page 3.

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