Know Thy Enemy: Panthers Editor Ken Dye Sits Down with the Jet Press

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TJP:What are the most important areas you are looking for improvement from Sunday night?

CC:With the near-perfect game the starters had against the Dolphins, they really don’t have much room to improve. They held Miami to under 2 yards per carry and only Miami’s 3rd-string QB, Pat Devlin, completed over half his passes and that was in the 4th quarter against the scrubs. The Jets are having similar problems getting their offense going this preseason, but I’m looking for the Panther defense to not allow the Jets to “evolve” any this week, whatever the stats may be. It would seem on paper to be a game where someone in the Panther secondary could make a couple of plays and stand out. Our secondary needs playmakers because CB Chris Gamble can’t do it all himself.

Also, the kick and punt coverage units need to really improve. They’ve been problem areas since at least last year.

TJP:Finally, give us some bubble players that we don’t know about that will be fun to watch, fighting for a roster spot.

CC:Unfortunately, a couple of guys I’ve been looking for to show something this season have been hurt – for example, 2011 fourth-round pick Brandon Hogan. Nate Ness was a guy I had noticed in the preseason with the Dolphins a few years ago who made some plays, but he got injured and the Panthers recently cut him.

Of the remaining players, I’d like to see more of WR Jared Green. You may have heard of his father – Darrell Green. Obviously, Jared has the pedigree and he’s an intriguing player. On the offense, WR Rico Wallace is a kid on the bubble to watch. He’s 6-3 215 lbs, runs about a 4.5 40-yard dash, catches the ball away from his body and runs crisp routes without slowing down or rounding them off. Not many Division-III guys make it in the NFL, but he might be able to if he makes some plays when given the opportunity.

We thank Ken for his time, and look forward to the game on Sunday. Check his site out,, he and his writers to a terrific job.

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