Jets Fans: Be Careful of Yankee Fan Syndrome

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Yankee Fan Syndrome, is the theory that signing the best player at a position, or the big name is going to solve all of your team’s issues. If you have an opening, and a big name great player is available, get that guy. Spend all the money necessary to get the biggest names. It can be fun, but it’s not always the best idea.

Look at the Yankees, for example, since I named the Syndrome after them. They have added a number of great names throughout the recent years, as we all know. But, has it yielded the best results? I am not so sure. Look at the best team, by record, of their recent World Series titles. The year was 1998, and the Yankees record was 114-48, and Joe Torre led them to a sweep of the World Series.

Who was the MVP of the series? A role player. Scott Brosius. Take a look at the starting lineup for the Yankees in Game 1 of that series:

Knoblauch 2b
Jeter ss
O’Neill rf
Williams cf
Davis dh
Martinez 1b
Brosius 3b
Posada c
Ledee lf

You see? You have your great players, Jeter, Martinez, Williams, and O’Neill. But you also have Brosius, and Ledee, your role players. It’s not always about having the biggest names/best players. It’s about the mix.

When the Yankees started bringing in the A-Rods, Texieras, etc., they continued to have great records, but went on a drought of World Series appearances, from 2003-2009. Getting the great players is not always the way.

Turn the page, and you will see where the Jets must be careful on this front too.

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