Breakdown of Wayne Hunter's Sacks Allowed

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  • First and 10, 6:01 remaining in the second quarter.  Mark Sanchez is in the gun, two receivers to the right and three to the left.  Dustin Keller moves in motion from the slot left to the outside on the left.  Wayne Hunter is again one on one, this time against Justin Tuck, and Tuck makes them pay.  Tuck didn’t even make a move on Hunter, he just ran past him, and right into Sanchez.  Frankly, looking at the replay, it looks like Hunter didn’t even touch him.  You have to wonder if his back is still bad, because even if he was going to get beaten, you at least have to touch the guy, right?  Secondly, Mark has to start recognizing this and changing his protections.  You see it all the time, the great quarterbacks change their protections in order to maximize the offensive line.  Even in the preseason, Mark needs to do this.
  • Second and 3, 1:36 remaining in the second quarter.  Sanchez is once again in the gun, with a back to his left, two receivers left, and two receivers right.  Mark takes the snap, and Jason Pierre-Paul, one on one against Wayne Hunter, drives Hunter backwards for about five yards, right into Sanchez.  Then comes, the obvious end result, another sack on Mark Sanchez.  This to me was more evidence of a possible injury.  Hunter is giving JPP basically no resistance.  He is being pushed as easily as a blocking dummy gets pushed.  We have talked before about how Hunter was OK when he took over for Woody.  He couldn’t have turned into nothing this quickly, injury must be part of it.

In closing, there is more to this than Wayne Hunter.  Yes, Hunter looked bad, and might be hurt.  He should not be the starting right tackle for this team.  But, there are other parts to remember.  They need to give support to Hunter, and not leave him one on one against these guys.  Mark Sanchez also must adjust his protections.  When he looks over the defense and sees Hunter one on one, he has to at least move his back over.

If we are stuck with Hunter, he needs help.

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