Can Mark Sanchez Please Anyone in New York?

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As Rex Ryan put it, the wide receivers have been a M*A*S*H unit. Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schilens, were all out on Saturday night.

In order to take shots and feel comfortable with wide receivers, they have to be out on the field. I seemed to notice that Mark has gotten some nice chemistry together with Patrick Turner. Why? Because he has been out on the field.

That is even forgetting the fact that Mark Sanchez’s weapons are changed on him every season, but that is for a different discussion.

You can’t open up the playbook with guys that haven’t been on the football field, despite the standard that everyone holds Mark Sanchez up to.


OK, Mark Sanchez critics, let’s throw everything out for a minute. Forget everything from the last couple of pages, and assume Mark Sanchez is terrible, and cannot get it done in New York anymore……..

What do you want to do about it? Start Tim Tebow?

OK, Tim can run around a bit, and make something out of nothing when the pass protection breaks down. Well, sometimes, as we saw on Saturday, Tim can get sacked too.

Granted, Tim can make some plays that Mark can’t, no doubt. He even made some decent throws, I will give that to him as well.

But, he also makes some very bad throws. The mis-throw to a wide open Stephen Hill in the endzone is inexcusable from an NFL quarterback. Furthermore, he made some excuse about it after the game, look at what he had to say:

I (didn’t) exactly notice where the safety was so I tried to put it low (for him to) come back.

How about, “I made a terrible throw.”? “My throw cost us a touchdown”? That would have been the accurate statement about it, not an excuse. As you watched him throw passes in the flat to Josh Baker that were intended for an 8 foot guy, ask yourself, if you don’t like Sanchez, is this what you want?

Yes, Sanchez threw a pick six, and a horrible one at that. Guess what? Tom Brady has thrown them. It doesn’t make Mark “horrible”, and not worth starting.

Is Mark Sanchez elite? Probably not. But is he terrible? No. He is getting better, despite a lot of NY fans desperate attempts to not see it.

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