Sunday Morning Quarterback: Jets vs. Giants

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Aug 15, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan looks on during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

It’s the morning after, Jets fans. This will be the Monday Morning Quarterback during the season, but we adapt to the different days of games during training camp.

As we all know, we have a lot to talk about. Many things were not good last night, so let’s get right to the recap.

We’ll start with the offensive line. Oh, boy. We talked about it yesterday afternoon, you can read it again by clicking here. I hate to say I told you so, but…..everything falls apart when the offensive line does. Everyone’s favorite RT had a great game once again. The Giants front, led by Jason Pierre-Paul, beat Wayne Hunter to the tune of four sacks(one erased on a penalty). Hunter was basically thrown around like a rag doll. We have seen this movie before, as Wayne was thrown around like a rag doll for most of 2011. But was does our brain trust upstairs do? Guarantee him over 2 million dollars this year, while making guys like Matthew Slauson take a pay cut. Does that make sense to anybody?

What this game made clear was, that Mike Tannenbaum needs to get us some offensive line help, and do it quickly. So far, Mike has lost his ability to acquire offensive line help, maybe he forgot that they stunk up the joint last season. He had better remember real fast.

When Mark Sanchez had time to throw, he looked good, for the most part. It’s hard to get on him a lot with no weapons healthy. He did go 9-11 for 59 yards. But….and there was one big but. The interception. Specifically, the pick six interception. Mark’s pass was not close, throwing behind his man, and right into the arms of the defender. People know me as a Mark Sanchez defender, but when he makes throws like that, we all get frustrated. He is so inconsistent with his accuracy, and his decision making. This is why I wanted Chad Pennington back as the QB coach. Someone needs to help him be more accurate. He can be 9-11 all he likes, but when one of the incomplete passes is a pick six, that is all anyone will remember. After a while, this is what the coaches will remember as well.

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