What to Watch For in Tonight's Jets vs. Giants Preseason Game

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Quinton went a long way to start quieting the doubters last week, as he shined in an otherwise very down game for the New York Jets. Calvin Pace this week talked about how he would like to see more urgency out of Coples during practice.

The question will be, will he continue playing the way he did last week?


Although a main component of this problem was the offensive line play, the running backs, for the most part, didn’t look good last week. Joe McKnight had a couple of flashes, but the group didn’t play well as a whole. These guys are the other obvious part that needs to improve if the Ground and Pound isn’t going to stall in its tracks. We need more from Shonn Greene while he is in there. We need to see someone step up as the number two back behind him.

Is it McKnight? Powell? How about Ganaway? Someone has to step up, and it begins tonight.


Finally, more than just Coples, it will be interesting to see where the pass rush is tonight. In order for the Jets to start incorporating the “46” defense, they have to be able to get to the QB.

We know how much Rex enjoys putting pressure on the QB. Let’s hope to see Eli on his backside a few times tonight.

Enjoy the game everybody.

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