Why Chad Pennington Needs to Be on the Jets Staff

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Chad Pennington put in a long time for the Jets. Playoff appearance, playoff wins, and a pretty good regular season record. He also played pretty tough, playing through some injuries, and having success while doing so.

The Jets could have shown Chad respect for his ability by trading him outside of the division. Making sure that Chad Pennington was moved outside the division would have said to Chad, “We respect your talent and hard work enough that we don’t want to get beaten by you.”

But the Jets didn’t do that. They released him, so he could end up in the division, which he did with the Miami Dolphins. He ended up beating the Jets on the last day of the season, leading Miami to the divison title, Comeback Player of the Year Award, and second in the MVP voting.

My point is, that the Jets really did disrespect Pennington, and he didn’t deserve it. If he is interested, it would be great repayment to bring him back as a coach.

Hopefully Mike Tannenbaum is listening.

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