Why Chad Pennington Needs to Be on the Jets Staff

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Let’s talk about experience for a minute. We have discussed Chad’s experience in the Tony Sparano offense. Mark Sanchez has already taken advantage of that knowledge, visiting with him during the offseason. Clearly, Mark gets it. He knows to get to as many experts that can help. If an expert is available, they need to employ him.

Going on, he has the NY experience as well. We can all agree that Chad Pennington has experience perservering in the NY market. He had a great deal of success here, as we have talked about before. He didn’t have the ultimate success that he was driving for, and injuries derailed his time with the Jets, but his career with the Jets is otherwise successful.

Is there any more of a potentially volatile situation than the Jets QB situation? If there is anyone out there that the Jets can employ to help these guys weather the storm, that guy is Chad Pennington. Yet another reason for the Jets to bring him back. But I have one more for you.


What do I mean by payback? I’ll tell you.

Think back to the 2008 preseason, when the Brett Favre trade was made. Chad Pennington came into that camp in the best shape he had been in for quite a long time. He had employed a team to get him prepared, and get his arm and shape. Talk about dedication to the Jets, wouldn’t you say?

And he was having a pretty good camp, and then the trade happened. How did the Jets handle Chad? Turn the page to talk about it.

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