Exclusive: NFL Writer Bart Hubbuch Sits Down with the Jet Press

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NFL Writer Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post is very honest with his opinions. If you follow him on Twitter(@HubbuchNYP), you have the opportunity to read his unique take on a daily basis. Bart has been gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to share his opinions regarding the Jets with us:

THE JETPRESS-I want to start with your opinion of Mark Sanchez. Although his numbers have improved every year, he gets a lot of criticism, some valid, some not. His decision making does leave something to be desired at times, as we saw last year. Can he be the guy the franchise quarterback that the Jets need?

BART HUBBACH-I highly doubt Sanchez will ever be a true “franchise” quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be the long-term answer for the Jets. I’m sorry, but you don’t win four road playoff games — two of them against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning — and go to back-to-back conference title games by accident. Sanchez has the potential to be a reliable, productive, winning starter, but it’s up to the Jets to surround him with a capable supporting cast. They didn’t do that last year and seemingly haven’t done it again this year, while at the same time compounding the problem by bringing in Tim Tebow. How is Sanchez supposed to gain confidence (admittedly a problem for him) and develop fully in light of those two factors? Beats me.

TJP-From what you have seen so far, in your visits to Cortland, is Mark taking the steps to be that leader for the Jets?

BH-Still too early to tell. He’s saying a lot of the right things, but the proof won’t come until the games count.

TJP-What is your opinion about how the Jets have handled Mark over his first three years?

BH-Bi-polar, to be honest. They coddle him on one hand, then bring in the Tebow circus on the other. It’s as if they got too caught up in the over-the-top criticism of Sanchez last season — much of which I thought was unfair, considering his awful supporting cast — and decided to all but give up on him after one bad year despite the success of the previous two. I can’t figure it out. I have no idea now how the Jets truly feel about him.

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